Free analytics for your Marketing Channels

Do you post content on Social Media Do you have Linkedin Instagram WordPress or Facebook accounts Do you want to know about your customers in 1 m

Get free analytics for your marketing channels

Do you post content on Social Media? Do you have Linkedin, Instagram, WordPress, or Facebook accounts? Do you want to know about your customers in 1 minute? If yes, then Urlefy can help you advance your marketing.

Urlefy is a URL shortening service. All you need to do is create your account for free. Login to the dashboard and shorten your Link.

All your marketing links can be urlefy-fied. That makes the links understandable and easy to remember. Then your marketing team can post these links everywhere. The data is collected every time the links get clicked.

The data collected will then be analyzed with our algorithms. So you can understand which channel is bringing most of the traffic and when. We provide information including :

  • The device used by each client.
  • Global Heatmaps to understand the traffic geographically.
  • Which day of the week is most productive.
  • At what time most of the traffic is coming.
  • And much more.

Relax while Urlefy does all the work for you. Login to your dashboard and check out the updates on your links.

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Written by- Aashish Peepra

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