Our Policies

What kind of data do we store?

  • During signup
    • If you are signing up with Google OAuth, we will store the reference to your profile picture, display name, and email address.
    • If you are signing up with our authentication service, we keep — Name, email address, and encrypted password.
  • Druing Login
    • When the user logs in we only check for authentication and authorization. We do not store any information at this moment.
  • On redirection of a random link, we store the count of redirection requests only.
  • On redirection of business links, we store browser data, IP information, and headers.

Data Privacy

Here the client is referred to as the entities who use urlefy generated URLs to reach the destination URL ( redirected URL ). The owner is referred to as the entities who create the business URL — URLs created after logging in from the Urlefy dashboard.

  • The data from the client redirections and the owner data are both safely stored in our database.
  • We do not share the client or the owner's data with any external company.
  • We take complete preventions to make your data secure. We are not accountable if the database is exploited, released, or manipulated during an attack, breach, or bug.
  • Whenever anyone signs up ( creates an account on Urlefy ), they agrees to the terms and conditions, and to the Urlefy's policies.